Hype finance casino

Fully regulated with an eGaming license, we use and accept crypto payments.


Privacy and Security

We do not collect your data and all of our contracts have been audited by third parties to ensure your safety.

Fiat and Credit Gateways

The Casino will have fiat and credit integrations for those looking to seamlessly move from debit/credit to crypto.

decentralized payments

Play with Bitcoin and Ethereum in the casino or use our Hype Exchange to purchase digital assets to enjoy our games with.

sports betting gateway

Bet on your favorite sporting events with Ethereum or Bitcoin while enjoying the comfort of your own living room

Community driven voting

Our userbase will govern the direction and the future decisions of the platform through decentralized voting.

Multiplayer gaming

You can play solo or play with your friends. The Casino can be enjoyed in groups and will be hosting many online events.

Hype Finance Casino

 A Community driven gaming and Defi ecosystem

A crypto casino and Sports betting economy

sports betting & hundreds of games for you to choose from

Our initial casino launch will begin with hundreds of games which we’ll actively expand as the ecosystem grows.  Play in special tournaments, influencer rooms, with you friends, or by yourself.


Hype token

We will reinvest 50 percent of our casino rewards as incentives towards holders of our Hype tokens who stake them.  Rewards are paid in Ethereum and Bitcoin. Stakers can also stake Hype tokens to receive 2 percent of all Hype Token transaction fees and 1 percent of Hype Bet fees

Farm with Hype tokens

Pair Hype tokens with Hype Bet to farm for rewards in Hype Farm coming Q1 2021

stake hype for rewards

Stake Hype tokens for ecosystem rewards and receive Bitcoin and Ethereum.

trade them on exchanges

Trade Hype tokens on our exchange or stake them for 2 percent of Hype transaction fees.

Hype Casino launches Q2, 2021

payment options


Play games with cryptocurrency


Buy crypto to play using your debit or credit


Audited smart contracts

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or partnership opportunities, feel free to reach out

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