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Hype Bet Token Sale

Stay tuned to our announcement channels for our incoming sale on LID Protocol

Hype Bet token sale on November 27th

Pre Sale Begins
Soft Cap - 200 Ethereum
remaining tokens if hard cap not met distributed to purchasers
1,000,000 Hype BetHard Cap 2000 Ethereum
About LID

Hype Finance Uses Blockchain Technology

We are a proud member of the Ethereum Community. That is the major reason we support ETH gambling. Players who use the Ethereum gaming platform can enjoy a more secure and convenient gambling experience while earning rewards in the form of ETH.

2000 ETH

Hard Cap

200 ETH

Soft Cap

1 M

Total Supply

Nov 27th

LID Protocol

Hype Bet Token

The Hype Bet token is our in-game currency that is used throughout the betting platform and in conjunction with our HYPE Token to complete a circular and rational economic ecosystem.

Play Casino Games

You can use your tokens to play in the casino either solo or in special rooms with friends and media partners.

– Play against the house
– Play in special tournaments
– Access all Casino Games from the best online bitcoin casinos USA

Farm Hype Chips

Stake your Hype Bet tokens with Hype tokens and farm for Hype Chips in our farm for special rewards and access to events and private rooms.

- Claim incentives and prizes
- Access private rooms
- Join special events

Road Map

Our ecosystem will roll out in various phases.,

Hype Finance

Community owned betting and Defi ecosystem

Fiat and Credit Gateways

The Casino will have fiat and credit integrations for those looking to seamlessly enjoy the ecosystem.

Non Custodial Wallet

With blockchain, you can ensure you don't need to trust your funds to a third party as they sit in our noncustodial smart contracts.

Community Owned

Our Hype token enables stakers to 50 percent of the profits of the casino. Our userbase are the owners.

Endless Variety

With hundreds of games to try and play both alone and with your friends or favorite Youtuber, our Casino will never go stale.


You can play solo or play with your friends in 3d. The Casino can be enjoyed in groups and will be hosting many online events.

Privacy and Security

We do not collect your data and all of our contracts have been audited by third parties to ensure your safety.

Stake for 50 percent of the house profits

The Hype Token

Holding and staking the Hype token allows holders to be able to receive 50 percent of the house profits.  Hype is the cooperative token where token holders will govern the platform and stake for returns.  The Hype token carries a burn for each transaction also going back to stakers of the Hype Token.

The Casino's Main Currency

Hype Bet Token

The Hype Bet token is the main currency of the Casino which will be used in games and to farm Hype Chips when staking it alongside of Hype.  The house will perform regular buybacks of Hype Bet tokens to help stimulate the economy and staking Hype Bet will allow holders to receive 2 percent of all Hype Bet transactions.

The Future Of Betting

A user owned betting economy and ecosystem is the backbone of the Hype Finance ecosystem. Our members will vote and make decisions on the future of the platform. Traditional incentive models have skewed towards those with the ability to deploy capital and build businesses. The house always owns the Casino and the house rarely loses. At Hype, we believe a shared revenue model is the best way to incentivize long term growth and prosperity of the business

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Hype Finance Defi Ecosystem