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Hype Venture Capital

We love blockchain entrepreneurship and innovative technologies that enable decentralized finance.  We provide investment and support for game changing ideas. 

HYPE Accelerator

For people bringing a product to market but lack human capital or resources in marketing or operations, we partner with top projects that we strongly feel have the ability to make an impact in blockchain and decentralized finance.

Hype Ecosystem

Our token sale platform makes launching your token safe, transparent and simple.  Working with our partners we provide KYC and auditing services allowing investors the security they need to make your sale successful.  You can also apply for a fiat gateway and exchange listing from Hype Exchange.

Enabling Game Changers

The Swiss Army knife of Defi.  We help blockchain companies launch their token sales while investing in promising entrepreneurs with great ideas and a clear path to execution.  We also build our own products and help amazing innovators get theirs to market with a range of consulting services.

When decentralized blockchain protocols start displacing the centralized web services that dominate the current Internet,
we’ll start to see real internet
based sovereignty. The future Internet will be decentralized.

-Olaf Carlson Wee

Hype Venture Capital

Venture capital

We help talented founders get the capital they need to realize exciting and disruptive blockchain-based businesses.

If you have some amazing technology but need an injection in capital to help bring your project to fruition, we’re here to help.  Founders can apply for investment from Hype Venture Capital and we’ll provide the resources you need to launch.

Ideas are a dime a dozen but great entrepreneurs with the vision to push them forward are rare.  Life favors the bold and so do we.  Send us a message to see if you’re a fit.  We enable the next generation of decentralized technology.


Some entrepreneurs may not need capital but rather access to expertise and resources.  Hype Accelerator can help with various facets of your launch and execution.

From technical implementations to staffing, marketing, and strategy, partner with us to remove technical and human capital barriers while utilizing our resources to close any gaps that may need filling.

Our accelerator helps take projects that are promising but need a helping hand for visibility, operational support, and implementation.  Find out more about how we can help by applying with your project now.

Hype Ecosystem

Issuing a token on Ethereum in this decentralized world can be complicated, taxing, and laborious.  Our protocol simplifies the process by providing trust and security.

With audits and KYC from our trusted partners, we use trustless smart contracts to create safety and transparency for your token sale.  Locked liquidity, time releases for founding teams and investors, no-hassle token issuances for your raise. Fiat gateways also available.

We take the guesswork out of token sales providing an equal ground when founders and investors can meet knowing we’ve handled all of the details giving you more time to focus on building.

Trusted Partners


We have everything you need to bring your product to market safely and with trust


We offer technical, infrastructure and marketing support for chosen projects 


We provide great innovators with the funding they need to bring their ideas to life

Hype collaborates

Interested in partnering?  We are always looking to join forces with game-changers.  If you feel as though you can add value to the ecosystem, we want to hear from you.